Ballet Moves II

DanceForms Software

Rhonda Ryman's Ballet Moves II is the ideal content package for Choreographers, Dancers, and Animators interested in developing their skills in DanceForms 1.0 choreography software while learning the intricacies of Ballet movement.

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In this tutorial-based collection, Rhonda Ryman, well known teacher and historian, has detailed hundreds of ballet positions and transitions in the English and Russian schools of movement, as well as select samples from the Italian school. In addition to these motions, Rhonda has created a complementary DanceForms Practical Guide (available with DanceForms only). This guide allows beginners and experienced users alike to master DanceForms 1.0.

As a long standing Life Forms and DanceForms aficionado, Rhonda brings her depth of knowledge in Ballet to DanceForms. For Rhonda, DanceForms is the hands-down choice for scripting, reviewing, and fine-tuning ballet choreography.

Now you can benefit from Rhonda's years of research. Rhonda Ryman's Ballet Moves II has everything you need to learn DanceForms, and to apply the poses and movements in classical Ballet.

Ballet Moves II ships with every copy of DanceForms. Order DanceForms 1.0 complete with Ballet Moves II online.

Complete List of Contents:

English Ballet Dictionary: contains over 100 comprehensive set of positions and movements based on the English School.

Russian Ballet Dictionary: contains over 100 comprehensive set of positions and movements based on the Russian School.

Italian Ballet Dictionary: contains selected palettes and animations from the Italian School.

Ballet Repertoire: contains animations of the Peasant Pas De Deux (Giselle) , the Male and Female Blue Bird Variations (Sleeping Beauty), and the Dance of the Four Cygnets (Swan Lake) accompanied by a midi sound file.

2 Minute Sound Files: Metronome beat sound files to accompany the animations.