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Based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Credo is a leader in creating innovative content, products, solutions and choreography for 3D character animation applications.

At Credo Interactive, we specialize in 3D character animation software. Our award-winning Life Forms Studio animation and DanceForms choreography software easily integrate with your work, whether it's in the classroom, the studio or with your current suite of 3D character animation tools.

Edit and expand motion capture content with Life Forms Studio 5 and use character motions from our action-sequence libraries to enhance your 3D projects. Visual Artists, Dancers, Performance and Theatre professionals agree: Life Forms and DanceForms are the premiere solutions for choreographic pre-visualization.


Merce Cunningham has said:

"...Life Forms is not revolutionizing dance but expanding it, because you see movement in a way that was always there - but wasn't visible to the naked eye."



Latest News...
iPad App released for DanceForms!

A free iPad App that is a player for DanceForms and Life Forms files has been released in the iTunes App Store.  The iDanceForms App lets you play your DanceForms and Life Forms animations wherever you are - on the road, in a plane or in a dance studio. The App also plays animations in .bvh and .dae (Collada) formats.

For more on creating and playing iDanceForms files...

Corporeal Computing: A performatve archeology of digital gesture.   This conference was held at University of Surrey, UK, from September 2 - 4, 2013. See

Tom Calvert's slides for the conference can be found here

Inexpensive  Motion Capture with MS Kinect.  A number of people are experimenting with software to use the Microsoft Kinect system for motion capture.  You can find one example developed by Alex Gaskell with integrate systems engineering ltd in the UK at

Our Products

Life Forms

Life Forms 5
Character animation software

It is by far the most powerful character-animation package in it's price-range. Create your own animations based on default models or edit motion capture or keyframed character animations from almost any source.

Dance Forms 2
Choreography software

This software inspires you to visualize and chronicle dance steps or entire routines in an easy-to-use 3D environment. For choreography, interdisciplinary arts and dance technology applications.


MegaMoCap V2
Motion Capture Bundles

Built from the ground up to provide clean and conistent motion capture data, Mega MoCap V2 is the CG professional's dream for productivity enhancement. Now optimized in your format of choice: Maya, Lightwave, Poser, 3DS and more.

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Our Credo

Our credo is to apply the following 3D's to every project: dedication, diversity and depth to create innovative, market-savvy solutions.


Our Solutions

Leveraging our roots in award-winning products, Credo also provides customized strategic solutions to create compelling content and technology for applications. Our expertise ranges from consulting to implementation of everything having to do with 3D character animation. This includes 3D virtual environments, characters and avatars, gaming development, wireless communication or anything in between. Credo is active in project consulting, production services, contract software development and technology partnerships.


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