Life Forms

LifeForms 5.1 - Character Animation Software
It is by far the most powerful character-animation package in it's price-range. Create your own animations based on default models or edit motion capture or keyframed character animations from almost any source.

Dance Forms

DanceForms 2.1 - Choreography Software

This software inspires you to visualize and chronicle dance steps or entire routines in an easy-to-use 3D environment. For choreography, interdisciplinary arts and dance technology applications.


MegaMoCap V2 - Motion capture library

Built from the ground up to provide clean and consistent motion capture data, Mega MoCap V2 is the CG professional's dream for productivity enhancement. Now optimized in your format of choice: Maya, Lightwave, Poser, 3DS and more.

Rhonda Ryman's Ballet Moves II

All English ballet sequences from the first edition have been updated with new dance figures and metronome beats. Ballet Moves II features brand-new content, including a complete Russian Dance library and selected palettes & motions from the Italian school.

PowerMoves 1 & 2
The ultimate 3D Animation library which contains over a total of 750 biped animation motion capture sequences and over 40 motion capture sequences. The single and multi-figure 3D animation sequence includes; Office moves, sports, dance, walking, running, pedestrian motions, and more!

Jumpstart your productivity with ready-to-use models and motions. Simply add them to your current projects or build upon them to create the exact animals and motions you want!

GamePak 1
Specifically designed for game developers, GamePak 1 gives you 50 distinct character motions - including all the transitions you need to string these motion "sprites" together in any combination! Create endless combinations of sequences simply by pasting these motions together.

PowerPak 1

Instant motion control is now yours! Put the moves on your models with PowerPak 1. Over 50 assorted moves, including: swordfighting, kicks, walks, runs, dances, arguments, waiting around, gymnastics, kidsplay, and more!

With a collection of over 40 ready-to-use models PowerModels provides a firm foundation for your character animation needs. Whether you’re new to character animation or a professional with a tight deadline to meet, the PowerModels collection maximizes your options.

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