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Animania - Cat

The Cat Motions:

Jump, Jump/Hang, Lick, Walk, Walk (in place), Pounce, Stalk, Stalk (in place), Transition Stand-to-Sit, Transition Sit-to-Stand, Transition Stand-to-Stalk, Transition Stalk-to-Stand, Transition Stand-to-Walk, Transition Walk-to-Stand.

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The Cat (shown here in Mesh model format) includes over a dozen characteristic motions!

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Buy the Cat for Poser (PZ3 - motions only) - $34.95

Buy the Cat for Life Forms Cat for Life Forms (LFA - segmented model 3.5MB) - $99

Buy the Cat for Lightwave (LWS - segmented model 1MB) - $99

Buy the Cat for Lightwave (LWS - mesh model with bones 1MB) - $199

Buy the Cat for 3D Studio Max (3DS - segmented model 1MB) - $99


Buy the Cat for 3D Studio Max (MAX - mesh model with bones 3MB) - $199***

***requires BonesPro 2 from Digimation

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