Download DanceForms and animation libraries

Credo Interactive Inc, together with the Moving Stories Project (, is happy to make the following software tools freely available to all:

DanceForms 2.1 for the Mac®_______Serial number: 07A5-ce26-1A82-9f62-ML40 (include hyphens)

DanceForms 2.0 for Windows®______Serial number: 3120-0C4D-1DB2-9565-WL40

Rhonda Ryman's Ballet Moves II® for Windows

Rhonda Ryman's Ballet Moves II® for the Mac

PowerMoves 1&2 Animation Libraries for Mac & Windows"

MeGaMoCap V2 Animation Library for Mac & Windows"

Select and double click to download.

Installation instructions for DanceForms are included in the ReadMeFirst file which is part of the download.

Note that DanceForms 2 is functionally equivalent to Life Forms 5. Thus a separate download is not provided.

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