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Life Forms Studio™ 4.0
Life Forms 4.0

You get more with 4!

Productivity enhancing features:

  • Interactive Web-Based Animation Viewer: Use as a previewer on your desktop, or share your animations with your web community online
  • New Optimized Default Models: Modern and classic dance figures, optimized for use with the Animation Viewer
  • Batch File Converter: Convert large quantities of files from one format to another with ease
  • Enhanced Joint Map Editor: adjust pivot points, joint size, offsets and import geometry for your segmented models or bones.
  • New Maya Plug-in: streamlined integration between Life Forms and Maya
  • New 3D Studio Max Plug-in: streamlined integration between Life Forms and Max

More Features

  • Range Editing: easily adjust a pose across a range of frames. Great for editing motion capture data!
  • Procedural walk generator: create realistic walks in seconds.
  • IK (inverse kinematics) and FK (forward kinematics) coupled with joint-constraint system for powerful character posing.
  • File browser: preview your motion or movie files before opening them.
  • Mirror: make a mirror image of your moves along the x, y, or z axis to get your figure backstepping, dancing upside down and more!
  • Snap: works like artificial friction to eliminate sliding feet, falling through the floor and more.
  • 3D file format support: Maya, Lightwave, 3D Studio Max, ElectricImage, Cinema 4DXL, Poser, and any app that uses HTR, Acclaim, or BVH motion capture data.
  • For Mac® and Windows®: We proudly support Mac® PowerPC and Power Mac platforms as well as Micorosoft® Windows® systems including 98, ME, 2000
    and XP
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