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With this extensive collection of ready-to-animate models, you can:

  • populate your 3d projects with diverse characters
  • easily create multiple character interaction
  • move models between Life Forms and other 3D applications
  • quickly create and animate large crowd scenes
  • Save production time with pre-linked, constrained, and ready-to-animate models

With a solid collection of over 40 ready-to-use models, PowerModels provides a firm foundation for your character animation needs. Each model is pre-linked and set with realistic joint constraints, saving you production time up front.

Plus, with each model provided in multiple formats (Life Forms, Lightwave, 3DS MAX and DXF formats) - gives you maximum flexibility across many 3D animation packages. Whether you’re new to character animation or a professional with a tight deadline to meet, the PowerModels collection maximizes your options.



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