General FAQ

Q. I have successfully installed Life Forms 5.0 and DanceForms 2.0 on the same computer. Each time I switch from one to the other I am asked to re-enter the serial string. This is tedious - what can I do?

A. We do not recommend installing Life Forms ands DanceForms on the same computer. These programs have very similar functionality - the differences are in the different libraries packaged with them (Power Moves 1&2 versus Ballet Moves II) and in dance friendly menus for DanceForms.

Q. I am running Life Forms 3.X under Windows XP and it crashes when I open a new window. How can I prevent this?

A. switch your computer to windows 2000 compatability mode, set the color depth to 256, and the problem will disappear.

Q. A window pops up with error upon trying to import a model saying File Type is not a Quicktime File.

A. The quicktime error has something to do with setting the hierarchy and linking up the model correctly in the original application…whether it is EI or 3ds or C4d…….3ds files can be exported from different packages, if it is a fact file then it is EI… Pelvis must be parent of hierarchy. 

Q. LifeForms shuts down or crashes or hangs when trying to import a model.

A. The LifeForms shutting down or hanging could be the imported model has too many faces, need a low rez version.
If program shuts down or crashes and is a 3ds file but shuts down during import progress could be a problem with a texture. 

Q. Hi, I got the email with the serial code and I have the DEMO CD.
When I put the CD in, the thing pops up, but the instal button is greyed out. I read the instructions and I don't see what to do or where to put the code.

A. Press the Browse CD button in the top right corner. Then double click on the Install folder on the CD. Then double click Setup.exe in the Install folder. 

Q. LifeForms crashes on startup

A. Delete the preference and resume files:

  • LifeForms 3.x Preferences
  • LifeForms 3.x Resume
    • On the Mac they are in System Folder > Preferences
    • On Windows they are in the LifeForms folder
    • On the Mac, try removing if the above does not work: LifeForms 3.x Menu
Q. I have problems running your demo - my Mac always asks for SpeechLib, please help.

A. Please go to our FTP site to download a patch for your demo:

  • This should automatically download the file to your Mac. If not, use FTP software to download.
    Unstuff this file to your desktop.
  • Trash Life Forms (or something similar) file from the LifeForms directory and replace it with the file you just unstuffed.
  • Run the software.