Credo Interactive Inc. Privacy Policy

Privacy for our users is a high priority at Credo Interactive Inc. Thus, we do not share any personal information obtained online without permission from the submitting user.

All information gathered by Credo Interactive Inc. is used solely for the purpose of enhancing the functionality and level of service we are able to provide our users.

Credo Interactive Inc collects personally identifiable information about some of our users via online forms, our online store and via our website. We are committed to protect that information to safeguard your privacy while visiting our Web site or interacting with Credo Interactive Inc. This privacy statement details our policy for maintaining the privacy and security of your personal information.

Please review Credo Interactive Inc's fair information practices:

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at

What Information Do We Collect?

Because we are engaged in the business of selling products via the Internet and other media, we often collect certain information from our users. In conjunction with this sales process we have implemented safe transaction and security measures to safeguard the privacy of our users. In order to buy products from us, you must provide certain personally identifiable information about yourself, including:

Your full name and complete mailing address
Your phone and fax number(s)
Your e-mail address
Credit card information (collected when you purchase products from our online store)
Product serial number(s), typically when you purchase upgrades, request customer service or ask for technical support.
Your current IP address when making a purchase or downloading from our servers. This helps deter fraud and prevent the unauthorized use of your credit card.

How Do We Use the Information We Collect?

We use your billing address, telephone number, and credit card to positively identify you when you purchase products from us. Positively identifying our users helps deter, prevent, intercept, and prosecute fraud, including but not limited to unauthorized credit card charges and the use and/or distribution of illegally obtained software and/or content.

Please note that ONLY when you purchase directly from Credo Interactive Inc. by phone, fax or e-mail do we collect your credit card information. Unless you explicitly ask for it (as in the case of frequent buyers like distributors or resellers), we do not store your credit card information in our database. Purchases made through our website are handled by a third-party partner, see the next section.

If you have agreed to receive our newsletter(s), notification of services, or special offers during registration, we will use your email address or billing address to inform you of these.

If you decide you no longer want to receive mailings, free content, updates, or personalized information, you may inform us via email at with the word "remove" in the subject line and we will promptly remove your contact information from our database.

Do We Share Collected Information?

Online purchases require that you disclose payment information to our credit processing partners. Our online store is provided by Digital River Inc., a third-party online store provider which collects your name, credit card information, address, e-mail address, phone number and other data for the purposes of identifying you and shipping products to you. Digital River Inc. uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, a commonly-used and well-tested Internet security protocol. Digital River Inc. is VeriSign certified, meaning they have a valid certification with VeriSign and have passed a test to ensure that all the data from their store is encrypted. The use of a third party store providor protects both you and Credo Interactive Inc. from fraud. For information on our online store providor's privacy policy, please see:

We also use various postal services, including but not limited to the Canada Post and United Parcel Service to send products, information and notices. In these cases, we provide these services with your name and address so that they may deliver these pieces.

Credo Interactive Inc. does not share, sell, or trade your personal contact information or specific details about you or your household. We do not participate in shared or cooperative databases, which give other companies access to your personal information. Credo Interactive Inc. may provide aggregate statistics about our customers, sales, traffic patterns, and related information to trusted third party vendors, but these statistics will not include personally identifying, or individual information.

Credo Interactive Inc. reserves the right to disclose personally identifiable information if we have a reasonable belief that doing so will protect the security or integrity of our products, web site, computer systems, and/or content against liability. We may provide information to law enforcement agencies: for investigating a matter relating to public safety or fraud against Credo Interactive Inc.; for preventing or stopping the illegal distribution of software and/or content; or if ordered to do so by a court of law or law enforcement agency in accordance with that court or agency’s normal procedures. These disclosures will be to the extent permitted by law.

Update Your Information

We strive to maintain accurate, timely, and complete customer information. Since you provide all the information that we have about you, your assistance is vital for keeping our records current. This is also important to avoid credit card authorization and/or fraud problems. Your information must be accurate. You may update or change information related to your Credo Interactive Inc. online store account by emailing You may be removed from any of our promotional mailing lists at any time. To do this, please email

Children's Privacy Protection

We do not allow children under the age of 18 to purchase products from us, nor do we allow children under 13 to provide any personal information.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

Credo Interactive uses standard measures to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the hardcopy information and data information under our control.

All Credo Interactive Inc. servers are protected with state-of-the-art firewall and redundancy systems to prevent "hacking" and loss of key transaction and personal information. Additionally, when we process your orders "in-house', we do so on a secure internal system that is not accessible via the Internet and is on a separate secure network within the company.

Policy Updates

Revision 4.01.01. Credo Interactive Inc. reserves the right to implement changes to this policy without prior notice.


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