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GamePak 1


Specifically designed for game developers, GamePak 1 gives you 50 distinct character motions - including all the transitions you need to string these motion "sprites" together in any combination! Create endless combinations of sequences simply by pasting these motions together.

Look for: kicks, walks, runs, trips, falling down, getting up, run-to-walk, walk-to-run, crawls, ducks, flips and more!

GamePak 1 is available for download in the following formats:

    Life Forms (LFA) - Lightwave (LWS bones) - 3DS Max (MAX) - 3DS Max (3DS) - Maya (MEL) - PowerAnimator (ASF/AMC) - Cinema 4D (C4D) - BioVision BVH

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For detailed specifications, download the documentation (182k PDF).

Please note: the current version of GamePak BVH does not support Poser.

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